"Jeff has been insightful, asked me great questions, and really helped create some actionable steps I could take to hone my leadership effectiveness." 

"Jeff has been a great partner - consistent, engaged and observant.  He gently guided our group sessions to good conversations and allowed for space for us to process what was going on in a safe environment.  One on one, he was able to both listen but also challenge me when needed."

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Leadership Learning Lab

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Leadership Learning Labs are an experiential three-day workshop designed to increase participants’ skills in adaptive leadership, especially in times of high stress. Based on the Skills Group methodology, developed by the Leadership Institute of Seattle, participants are introduced to the concepts and skills of emotional intelligence. They are given multiple opportunities to practice these skills, real time, with other participants. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to describe and apply these communication skills, essential to collaboration in times of intensity.  

You are looking for someone with a solid track record in delivering results through performance improvement, leadership and organization development.​

You want someone who not only understands the dilemmas of management but also has lived in the shoes of a manager.​

You'd like someone who has designed and implemented successful changes but is not fixated on selling you the latest trend in corporate salvation.

You seek someone who is more than a "technician" about achieving business results, someone who can also help with the human side of change - politics, culture, leadership.

You are looking for someone who can stand toe-to-toe and build a solid, credible relationship with people at all levels - from the shop floor to the C-suite. 

​​You are looking for someone with more focus on outcomes than anecdotes.

You would like to engage a trusted adviser rather than another "suit" from a big consulting house.    

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