Jeff McAuliffe

Jeff McAuliffeprincipal and founder of McAuliffe Consulting, is a seasoned coach, consultant and educator with 35 years of experience helping leaders and organizations.   Jeff's unique skill set blends the disciplines of leadership development, performance improvement, and organization development, providing clients a wholistic approach to reaching their goals.  

Eighteen years of Jeff's career has been as an internal consultant and manager of internal consultants in large organizations.  He truly understands the organizational dynamics of large scale change - political, technical and cultural.  Jeff has planned and implemented numerous large scale change efforts in his career including:

  • Co-designed and implemented an integrated “People Plan” as part of a massive re-engineering project at The Boeing Company.  This approach was built into the major ERP vendor's standard implementation model. 

  • Pioneered the application of Toyota Production System ("Lean Thinking") concepts to the health care environment at Swedish Medical Center, the largest non-profit health provider in the Greater Seattle area.  Numerous clinical and operational projects resulted in breakthrough levels of improvement.  

  • Charged to "re-invent Expo" - the Boeing leadership development program for front line leaders by the Vice-President/General Manager of the Fabrication Division. The resulting "Leadership Development Program" became the new standard within Boeing.

Jeff was also a Master's level faculty member at Saybrook University from 2006 - 2020.  He taught in the Leadership and Organization Development program of the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) for most of that time.  

In addition to technology, healthcare, education and manufacturing, Jeff has experience coaching and consulting in the public sector and not-for-profits.  He has also worked in accounting, business management, community organizing and fund development for numerous not-for-profit organizations.  Jeff is a graduate of Oberlin College (BA) and LIOS/City University (MA).