"I've been involved with a few coaches during my life and without a doubt, working with you brought the most promise and level headed approach."

Coaching Client
Senior Manager

Leadership Development


Training will only get you so far.  Add coaching to a leadership development plan and your ability to generate results jumps dramatically.  Our fundamental assumption in any coaching engagement is that leadership behavior, team functioning and organizational outcomes are highly interdependent. The starting point of any coaching relationship is to identify the organizational outcomes that you, as a leader, are accountable for - especially stretch goals that you are struggling to meet. In addition to helping you re-think your assumptions and strategies, our focus is on specific behaviors that can help you break ineffective patterns in how you work with your manager, direct reports, peers, cross functional team(s) or other stakeholders. 

A typical coaching candidate is a:

  • Leader designated as a "high performer"
  • Manager or director (manager of managers)
  • A member of the "C-suite" or other executive role
  • Medical leader

As a result of a coaching engagement, you can expect to be challenged, provided fresh perspectives, and encouraged to experiment with new behaviors.  Ultimately, you can expect to make a measurable difference – in your organization and in your own job satisfaction.  

Jeff is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.  ​​

Leadership Team Development 

The work of a leadership team is unique and challenging.  Daily fire-fighting often trumps more important strategic work.  Execution is usually reactive and planning is relegated to an infrequent offsite.

  • Imagine a top team that is aligned – not only to mission, vision, values – but also to critical goals and strategies.

  • Imagine a top team that gets better, year after year, at deploying initiatives that effectively link strategy and operations.  

We have the expertise, tools and methods to help leadership teams consistently target and improve the critical areas for organizational success.  Contact us for consultation and facilitation support in these areas:

  • Mission, Vision and Values Development
  • Strategy and Goal Development
  • Cascade Deployment of Key Goals
  • Year-end Reflection and Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution and Trust Building

The research is clear and unambiguous; engaging leaders in making a difference in their organization yields double benefits - leadership development and improved business results.  In the field of leadership development, this is called action learning.  

All of our leadership development projects are structured to capture both benefits.  We have the skills and tools for assessing skill strengths and gaps, designing a unique individualized development plan and linking it directly to job goals and expectations.  Anchoring a leader's development plan in the system of managerial accountabilities is a key factor that can boost the performance of any leader.   This service can be tailored to an individual manager, a leadership team or an entire organization.